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Welcome to Khandala.com… India’s Premier Portal & your ultimate guide to city of Khandala. We are really very happy to provide you all the information related to Khandala at this place. We are providing you a comprehensive guide to Khandala, containing the genuine information which you are always looking for, to reach your favourite destination, that is Khandala.


Adventure Sports in Khandala

Khandala, being a tourist’s paradise, also offers some other than those routine games & sports, like cricket,etc. Khandala offers many other adventurous activities like rock climbing & other sports. Know more about them right here!

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Theatre in Maharashtra

The theatre in Bengal and Maharashtra is alive because of good writers, innovative directors and an appreciative audience, which is open to changes. The craze for theatre and the eagerness to experiment with its content has remained untouched in Maharashtra, while most other regional theatres have either died their respective deaths, are sinking or are completely dependent on adaptations and translations from other languages.

Theatre is a tradition in Maharashtra and neither the audience nor the playwrights ever look at it as just a medium of entertainment. “Stage is a medium for self expression” says Bhadkamkar. ‘Theatrewallahs’ (People connected with theatre) cite this as a reason behind more and more Marathi youth taking to writing plays. “The tradition of theatre in Maharashtra is so strong that even a mill worker has a play in his mind,” says noted Hindi theatre producer-director, Dinesh Thakur.

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Highway Helpline:

If you are stuck on the Pune-Mumbai highway and have access to a mobile phone, you may call the following numbers to find out the cause of the traffic jam and information on when it is likely to be cleared:
Vadgaon: 02114-73822 | Khandala: 02114-73822 | Khadki: 020-5819301

Emergency Services:

Nobody can tell when a mishap can happen! In such cases, especially when you are into almost unknown area, it becomes more difficult to find out some quick help, which may probably save the needy in such a problematic situation.So,to help you out in such cases, we are providing you list of Emergency Services which you can access in such difficult situations & can help somebody to save his or your own life.